Selecting Imported Food Needs "Two Looks and One Lookup" to Determine Safety

Whether it is importing Japanese foods or other national foods, it is necessary to pay attention to some points when purchasing foods. Otherwise, it is likely that they will choose to import foods that are not formal and have failed to “eat food”.

The Department of Nutrition and Food Safety of the College of Food Science and Technology at the China Agricultural University is the master of any calculations. Consumers purchase imported foods in supermarkets or food stores are mostly pre-packaged foods. If you want to choose foods, there is no problem in mastering “two checks and inspections”. .

The first thing to look for is whether there is a Chinese label on the packaging. According to the “Regulations on the Administration of Imported and Exported Food Labels” of the country, imported food labels must be reviewed in advance. After obtaining the import and export food label review certificate, the imported food label must be in Chinese. The content of the label is not only identical to the content of the foreign language, but must also include the following items: food name, ingredients, net content and solid content, origin country or region, product production date, shelf life, storage guide, manufacturing, packaging, and The name and address of the installation or distribution unit, the name and address of the general distributor in China, and such information must be in Chinese black font. In addition to checking the above, we must also pay attention to whether or not the "CIQ" (China Inspection and Quarantine Abbreviation) mark is attached to some of the food packages purchased.

The expert reminds that it is also possible to view the "Imported Food Hygiene Certificate" in the dealer's shop. The certificate is issued by the inspection and quarantine department after the inspection and quarantine of the imported food is passed. The certificate specifies the production batch number and other detailed information of the imported food. Only when the goods are compliant can the food be imported. If it is imported foods without the above marks and certificates, it is likely that they are illegally imported. Since no tests have been carried out, such food safety cannot be guaranteed and everyone should purchase them with caution.


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