Seven big street snacks

Seven big street snacks

Mala Tang, lamb skewers, candied haws, seafood stalls... When it comes to these street foods, I believe many people are coveted. However, when toilets, formalin, mouse meat, cooking oil, etc. are associated with snacks at the same time, I don't know what will happen in your mind! The hygiene conditions of the poor snacks in the street are now revealed to the public and the diners are reminded.

1. Mala Tang

Criticality: ★★★★★

Key words: poppy waste oil hydrogen peroxide formalin PPA pain medicine

The guilty disclosure: "Spicy hot" detects the "opium poppy".

2. Grilled meat, skewers

Harmfulness: ★★★★☆

Keywords: stray cat dead pork “red” nitrite

Guilt exposes: barbecue stalls hang sheep's head to sell cat meat you eat lamb skewers really "lamb" do?

3. Fritters oil cake

Harmfulness: ★★★

Keywords: aluminum, excessive dichlorvos, trench oil

The guilty disclosure revealed that the 80% aluminum in the Youtiao exceeds the standard black nest, and the “delicious” Youtiao is actually smoked with dichlorvos.

4. Roasted sweet potatoes

Harmfulness: ★★★

Keywords: chemical barrel black spot pathogen

The guilty disclosure: chemical oil barrels change to the oven

Roasted sweet potatoes.

5. Seafood stall

Harmfulness: ★★★

Keywords: parasite mercury poisoning formaldehyde

The guilty disclosure: Seafood mixed with formaldehyde.

6. Fried chicken wings

Degree of damage: ★ ★ ☆

Keywords: potato powder pill rotten chicken wings

The guilty disclosure: The spicy chicken wings of the fast food restaurant were actually made from stinking chicken wings.

7. Buns

The public likes degrees: ★★★★★

Keywords: pork tumor blood neck dead pig

The guilty disclosure: The unscrupulous traders use pork tumors to make buns.


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