Spring sowing cotton preservation seedlings measures

- Seed preparation. Buying excellent seeds to buy high-quality seeds is the prerequisite for guaranteeing the emergence rate, Miao Qi, Miao Quan and Miao Zhuang. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase seeds for the production and operation of large businesses, packaging specifications, good maturity and plumpness, and high germination rates.

Pharmaceutic seed dressing is applied to uncoated cotton seed dressings. 50% of carbendazim WP, 0.5% of seed, 30% of uremic WP, 50% of thiophanate-methyl WP, 0.6% of seed, and 0.8% of seed, can be used. % 3911EC or 40% methylisothiphos EC Mixed seed dressing, 2-3 kg per 100 kg seed water.

Before sowing, select the sunny weather and spread the cotton seeds and vegetables in the sun for 2-3 days. This can effectively promote the post-harvest of cotton seeds, kill pathogenic bacteria in seeds, and increase the seedling emergence rate of cotton seeds.

- Land preparation. When choosing cotton land, it is best to choose the land where the cotton was not planted or the land for rotation. The land that has been replanted for many years must be kept from growing cotton.

Leveling the land is necessary to deepen 25-30 centimeters of the land on which the cotton is cultivated to reduce surface pathogens and facilitate emergence. Irrigation should be done in advance so as to avoid excessive watering due to too late watering. The ground temperature is low and it is not conducive to emergence. Before sowing, the land will be ploughed so that it will reach "Qi, Ping, Song, Broken, Net, and Shu."

Appropriate fertilization seed fertilizers are used improperly, especially nitrogen fertilizers and chicken manure that is not fully decomposed will affect the seedling emergence rate of cotton seed. Therefore, fertilization should be applied to the base fertilizer, manure should be fully decomposed, pay attention to the ratio of N, p, K, and more P, K fertilizer.

The use of mulching techniques to sow the plants in the open, and in case of heavy rain, the upper layer of the seed can be hardened and the germs are difficult to penetrate, thus affecting the emergence rate. The mulching film has the functions of increasing the ground temperature, maintaining the soil moisture, and avoiding the danger of heavy rain. Therefore, the mulching technology should be promoted and applied.

- Science sowing. Appropriate sowing time on the production of excessive emphasis on early sowing, ranging from the average temperature stable at 10 °C -12 °C on the early sowing, will cause "early but not full." In case of rainy weather, the dual effects of low temperature and high humidity are more likely to cause bad species and rotten buds. When the average temperature on the day is stable at 10°C, the temperature of 5 cm below the membrane can reach 12°C or more. The suitable period for continuous filming and sowing in southern Fujian is from April 20th to April 30th. This year, the sowing date can be appropriately delayed, and the seeds can be sown on April 25th to April 30th to promote rapid germination and emergence of seedlings.

Increasing the seeding rate Since this year's cotton seeds generally have low germination rates, it is necessary to increase the seeding rate in order to ensure the total number of seedlings.

The depth of sowing should be suitable for the absorption of cottonseed, and the top soil capacity is weak. When sowing is too deep, the germ is difficult to penetrate the soil layer; when it is too shallow, the seeds are exposed to the surface of the soil or the soil around the seeds is quickly dried, making it impossible for the seeds to absorb enough water to germinate. This will affect the germination and emergence of cotton seed. Therefore, the depth of cotton seed should be suitable, and the mulching of plastic film should be 2-3 cm.

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