Straw efficient application technology under straw burning policy

(Neixiang County, Henan Province, Qingyuan, Yugoslavia, Saussurea species of snow lotus seed breeding base)

The recent peak of the autumn harvest spring is when a large amount of straw stays in the field, which not only affects the planting but also has a serious impact on road traffic and the environment. In order to properly handle the waste straw and increase the income for the farmers, we specially arrange some efficient utilization techniques of straw for your reference.

I. Straw yugoslavia snow lotus root shallow water efficient planting pattern Straw blister pond planting is a new topic of lotus root cultivation in recent years, supporting technical measures gradually improved, compared with the traditional planting methods, innovation, operability, economic, social, ecological The benefits are significant, especially the use of low-cost Dianchi Lake special-purpose membranes to build pools, combined with the high-yield Yugoslavia saponin efficient planting model, which is of great significance and the economic benefits are more objective. Its main performance is in seven areas.
1Use of crop stalks to provide sufficient organic matter for the growth of lotus roots; and to turn waste into treasure, 1.7 to 2 hectares of straw can be consumed per acre of leeches, avoiding uncontrolled dumping of straw and affecting the atmosphere caused by village appearance and incineration Pollution, obvious ecological benefits.
2 Solved the problem of difficult production and harvesting in the pool. Traditionally, a labor force only picks up about 100kg per day, and the straw pond is soft and muddy. It is very convenient for harvesting and can harvest 2,000kg per day.
The combination of three kinds of rearing, mixed mud loaching and late planting of vegetables provide a considerable benefit.
4 Save water and land. The planting mode adopts Dianchi Lake special membrane construction pool to significantly reduce input costs, make full use of all the idle banks, wasteland, and old ponds to avoid taking up farmland and save land.

5 The product quality is good and green is pollution-free. Straw ponds use organic fertilizers throughout the whole growing period, and basically do not need to use pesticides to control pests and weeds. It meets the requirements of safe green and pollution-free. The products are crisp, fragrant, rich in iron and vitamin C, and can prevent arteriosclerosis. Blood circulation, mast section hypertrophy and short thick, high commodity rate, good market prospects.
6 high yield, significant economic benefits. The traditional planting yield is about 2000kg per acre, and the straw pool can reach about 5000kg, plus the interplanting and nesting, the economic benefit is very obvious. The benefit of using the straw Yugoslavia snow lotus planting pattern can reach more than 20,000 yuan per mu.

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Second, the technical application of straw coal With straw coal, particle straw coal technology and equipment available, so that the conversion of straw and other combustible biomass, have the best way! The cost of making straw coal is low: the cost of raw materials is almost zero; the investment in production equipment of straw coal is not large, and the operation is simple; the idle labor in the countryside can be put on the job after simple training, and the labor cost is very low. Straw coal has a wide range of applications: straw coal pellets, granular straw coal, easy to use, suitable for all families; good combustion effect, cooking, heating, and bathing are all needed, especially for biomass power plants! Straw coal has the benefit of environmental protection. Turning straw into a treasure will not only increase income for farmers, but also protect the environment. It solves the problem of straw disposal at all levels of government, and the national policy strongly supports it! Straw coal investment lucrative: In the coal prices soaring, invest in factories to produce straw coal, straw coal particles, no risk, large profits, will inevitably get rich returns!

Third, the laboratory processing results of straw feed processing showed that corn stalk contains more than 30% of carbohydrates, 2% to 4% of protein and 0.5% to 1% of fat, which can be silaged or fed directly. For herbivores, a net weight gain of 2 kg of corn stover is equivalent to 1 kg of corn kernels, especially after silage, yellow storage, ammoniation, and saccharification. The utilization rate will increase, and the benefits will be even more impressive. According to research and analysis, the digestive energy contained in corn stalks is 2 235.8 kJ/kg, and it is rich in nutrients, and the total energy is equivalent to that of pasture. The fine processing of corn stalks and the production of highly nutritious livestock feed are not only beneficial to the development of animal husbandry, but also have good ecological and economic benefits through the straw returning to the fields. The technology of harvesting, feed processing, storage, transportation, and feeding of corn stalks is accomplished by means of mechanical engineering, biology, and chemistry. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's animal husbandry, new technologies for straw feed processing are also emerging. In addition to feeding directly as feed, corn stalks now have a variety of physical, chemical, biological and other processing technologies in the actual application to achieve a centralized and large-scale processing, and open up new ways of feed utilization.

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