Summer raising bee four points

Hot summer weather, bees labor intensity, life expectancy is greatly reduced, bees spawning reduction, bee mortality is greater than the number of births, the group tends to decline in general trend. If the management is slightly poor, the number of bees will fall below 40%, making it impossible to produce royal jelly. Therefore, the summer beekeeping should do the following four points: First, the use of high-quality new king spawning, expanding the egg ring, and accelerate the breeding of new bees. Secondly, the bee farm should select places where there is air circulation and shade, or cover the beech curtains on the beehive to prevent the sun from increasing the nest temperature and disturbing the bee colony; enlarge the nest door so that the air in the box is circulated and the weather is overheated. , Can be sprayed with cold water outside the box, feeding cold water; on crowded bee colonies, early addition of the box, increase empty nest and nest base frame, expand the hive; the use of young bees to produce royal jelly. Third, prevent pesticide poisoning. In the summer season, the farmland is sprayed frequently and it is necessary to control the bees out of the nest. If poisoning is detected, the poisonous feed on the nest can be eliminated first, and then the thin honey or liquorice soup with 1:4 honey and water can be fed; Organophosphorus poisoning should also be treated with atropine, with 0.3 kilograms of honey water, mixed with 1% atropine sulfate 2 ml, directly sprayed on the bees, so that the bees suck each other to achieve the purpose of rescue. Fourth, insist on prize feeding. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of queen bee spawning and worker bee parenting, bees should be fed with thin syrup whenever the weather turns cooler each evening. In order to prevent the bees from alerting when feeding, the self-made rectangular shallow dish can be fed into the box. If there is not enough feed in the nest, feed it with concentrated syrup and feed it on a daily basis.

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