The benefits of large fish tofu steaming line to the business

Over the years, we have adhered to advanced management level, continuous innovation and enterprising spirit, professional manufacturing technology, excellent product quality, honest business philosophy and perfect after-sales service. We have won the support and support of our customers. The center constantly draws on advanced foreign technology and better designs equipment that meets the cutting-edge requirements of high technology.

Prior to this, the production process of fish tofu was quite cumbersome. It has to go through multiple processes such as beating, artificial wiping, steaming, steaming, demoulding, dicing, frying, cooling, quick freezing, etc. Most of them require manual operation and the efficiency is extremely low. In particular, the processes of wiping, demoulding and dicing not only require manual operation by the workers, but also insufficient standardization, which not only affects the product specifications, but also easily generates a large amount of waste and defective products.

Some insiders have told reporters that some workers in production companies can make three or four tons of products a day, and in the process of cutting fish tofu, the shape of each end of each product is not good and needs to be removed, so the resulting There are also a lot of waste. The production line of Liangyuan Machinery has fundamentally avoided these problems. After the punched slurry enters the equipment, it will be directly formed through the continuous forming tank on the assembly line, and then enter the steaming line for cooking. After exiting the steaming line, it can be directly cut into the required specifications by an adjustable cutter.

The improved new design solution changed the original multi-head molding nozzle into a large flat molding port. After the fish tofu came out, it was a wide strip tiled on the steaming line and then passed through a long steaming process. It becomes a wide fish tofu belt, then is cut into strips through a row of adjustable hobs, and then cut into pieces by a cutter. There are many key areas of the new design that need to be controlled. For example, the forming port, because it becomes very wide, must pay attention to control the pressure and uniformity of the discharging, so that the product can be thick and uniform, and the compactness will be stable; the baffles on both sides of the strip are made of abrasive tools. In addition, there are a number of key control points, Liang Yuan has also undergone repeated experiments and improvements, and strive to achieve perfection; in the selection of accessories, also use food-grade originals. *** Generation of grooved production line fish tofu edge rounded for southern production enterprises, the new program, the edge of fish tofu is more obvious, more suitable for northern production enterprises.

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Oligosaccharides and crude fiber (lipid-lowering, detoxification reconciliation constipation, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other special populations of food-based material)
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Companies registered capital of 35 million yuan, the end of 2014 the total assets of 48.69 million yuan, including fixed assets of 37.52 million yuan. The company's existing cooperation Orange cultivation base 7043.5 acres, the company production base is located in Jiangxi County Tech Industrial Park Chu Tan industrial area, covers an area of 120 acres, it has built a standard plant 9,000 square meters, Nissan 6000 kg Orange enzymes and other liquid enzyme products. Enzyme, known as enzyme, refers to a polymer substance having biocatalytic functionality. In the catalytic reaction system an enzyme, the reactant molecules are known as substrates, enzyme substrates by catalytic conversion to another molecule. Almost all cellular activity of enzymes involved in the process are required to improve efficiency. Similar to other non-biological catalysts, enzymes chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy to accelerate the rate of the reaction, most of the enzyme catalyzed reaction rate can be increased a million times; in fact, the enzyme is to provide an activation energy needs than another low way, so that more particles to have less than the activation energy of the reaction kinetic energy, thus speeding up the reaction rate. Enzyme as a catalyst, in itself is not consumed during the reaction, it does not affect the chemical equilibrium reactions. Positive enzyme catalysis, but also a negative catalytic effect, not only to accelerate the reaction rate, but also to reduce the reaction rate. And other non-living catalysts is different, having a high degree of specificity of enzyme, only a catalytic reaction or produce a particular specific configuration.

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