The composition of the round bottle labeling machine

The composition of the round bottle labeling machine

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The machine of the round bottle labeling machine: the unwinding wheel. It is a passive wheel for placing the roll label. Friction brakes with adjustable friction are usually installed to control the speed and tension of the reel to maintain a smooth paper feed; the buffer wheel. The work is connected to the spring. It can swing back and forth. The purpose is to absorb the tension of the web material when the device is started, to keep the material in contact with the rollers to prevent material breakage; It consists of two upper and lower parts, which guides and positions the material of the reel; It consists of a set of active friction wheels. Usually one is a rubber roller and the other is a metal roller with a bottom paper passing therebetween. The role is to drive the roll material to achieve normal labeling; winding wheel. For the driving wheel with friction transmission, the function is to rewind the labelled backing paper. The paper feed of the delivery roller does not interfere with the paper of the drive wheel, and the synchronous transmission is adjusted by the friction device; the plate is peeled off. There is an angle from one end of the plate (generally less than 30°). The purpose is to make the label easy to mark and get out of the bottom paper when the paper is changed in direction by the peeling plate to achieve contact with the labeling object; the labeling roller. The label that is out of the liner is evenly and evenly applied to the item to be attached.

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