The "Five Flavours" of Food: The Whole Story ---- Bitter

In the bitterness, many tastes can be melted. In the face of suffering, not everyone resists it. Instead, many people are willing to enjoy the bitter personality and flavor in the leisure.

Bitterly perfumed
The taste of coffee is bitter, but the taste of bitterness has a rich fragrance. I like the bitter taste of coffee. I suffer in my mouth and suffer in my heart. Rich aroma and sourness, this bitterness has many layers and is very rich.

This bitterness is worth remembering.

Strong bitterness
In addition to the bitterness of coffee, bitterness has another taste - Kudingcha.

In the immersion of time, the bitterness becomes more and more intense. When you go back to taste again, it is a different bitter, light and fine product, deep bitterness, overflowing from the tip of the tongue with a pale fragrance, giving you Very delicate feeling, this is Kuding tea.

Hard to come
In addition to the bitterness of coffee, the bitter taste of Kudingcha, and the taste of another taste, a bitter taste comes to mind - bitter gourd.

The bitter gourd at the entrance made the tongue feel like an allergic disease. The five-flavored bottles were knocked over. The painful taste was chewed, and the bitterness was mixed with sweetness. The bitter sweetness was so tempting and aftertaste.

Representative dish: bitter gourd stewed ribs

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