The importance of the tipping over of the fermentation bed

The importance of the overturning of the fermentation bed The management of the fermentation bed is very important. In management, the most important task is to turn over to the fermentation mattress material on a regular basis. Why do you have to turn over the bedding regularly and how do you tip over? It is not difficult to explain this problem.
The fermentation bed can normally run normally for 3 to 5 years. During this long period of time, if it does not tip over, it can be imagined. For a road that is often trampled, three years is enough. It will be a strong and smooth way, not to mention the pigs are living in this space every day, so it is necessary to turn over, then how to master the frequency of turning it? Don't fall over every day. This amount of labor is too large. According to the long-term technical service work of the technicians of the Golden Baby, a set of manuals for the management of the fermentation beds is summarized, in which a clear explanation is given for the regular turnover. Generally, the fermentation bed needs to be turned over once a week. The tipping depth should be about 30 cm or so, too shallow to play a role, too much labor too much.

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