The use of orange peel

The use of orange peel:
1. When roasting meat or ribs, add a few slices of orange peel, the taste is delicious and not greasy.
2. The orange peel contains a lot of vitamin C and essential oil. It is washed and dried and stored like tea. It can be brewed with tea, or it can be brewed separately. It has a fragrant taste and is refreshing and ventilating.
3. When porridge is burned, put a few slices of orange peel, which is delicious and refreshing, and can also play an appetizing role.
4. Orange peel can be made into delicious food such as sugar orange, sugar orange, sugar orange peel, orange peel sauce and orange peel.
5. Orange peel has the functions of regulating qi, removing blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, etc. It is a very good Chinese herbal medicine. It can be washed and dried, then immersed in white wine. It can be drunk after 2 to 3 weeks. It can clear the lungs and phlegm. The longer the soaking time, the better the wine taste.
6. Add some orange peel when steaming fish at home, in addition to fishy smell
7. Put the orange peel into the washbasin, which can scent and moisturize the skin to prevent dry skin.
8. Mosquito repellent in summer, can ignite dry orange peel to drive away mosquitoes and flies.
9. Hair care soak the orange peel into the hot water and use it to wash your hair. Just like using a high-quality hair conditioner, the hair will be smooth and soft.
10. Orange peel juice or soaked in water, you can go to the fire, you can sober up.
11. In addition to the odor, put the orange peel into the refrigerator, its scent can eliminate the odor.
12. People who like to raise flowers can soak the orange peel in the water and add fertilizer to the potting soil. There is no bad smell, and the fertilizer effect is very long lasting.
13. People who like pets can soak the orange peel and apply it to the pet's body to go to fleas and scorpions.

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