This year's beverage industry leader

This summer is not destined to be calm. Japan's nuclear radiation crisis Yu Wei is still in, catch up with the drought in the south and different from the constant high temperature, and suddenly put the green bean drink that can prevent heatstroke and detoxification and radiation protection to the forefront of market needs. Recently, the brand-free instant brewing mung bean soup products launched in some places in southern China have been sold out by enthusiastic consumers. Some netizens broke the news that supermarkets in Hefei, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Nantong, etc. have recently been rushing to buy green bean soup, and the enthusiasm for buying has continued to heat up. Think of the hot selling of herbal teas such as Wang Laoji, which has been transformed from Chinese Herbal Tea, will this year's mung bean soup become another dark horse in the drink?

If you spend the same amount of money and get two effects, why not? Due to this consideration, coupled with the “preceding experience” in which mung beans were used to increase prices in the summer, many consumers chose to stock up on some mung bean and mung bean soup products early this year, and the above-mentioned situation of mung bean soup out-of-stock occurred. Some people even predict that this summer is destined to be the golden season of mung bean soup.

In fact, as the traditional summer drink of China, mung bean soup has been welcomed by consumers because of its convenience, gentle taste and moderate taste. In particular, under the current circumstances of Japan’s nuclear leakage crisis, mung bean’s detoxification and radiation protection effects have become more prominent. The non-cooked brewing mung bean soup product not only possesses the safety and hygiene guaranteed by modern enterprise production, but also the small package is easy to carry, ie, brewed and brewed, has little pollution to the environment, and there is no problem of recycling, so it is greatly sought after by the market. It is also reasonable.

It is worth noting that for such a popular summer product, how should we guide the production and cultivation of the consumer market? In the past, the lessons learned from the food industry should be remembered. Avoid hot selling in the market and cause all kinds of companies to become involved in the market. To seize the market, to make shoddy, shoddy, or even add harmful substances, eventually chaos the market to destroy the entire industry.

Some experts said that if they can take this opportunity to guide and properly use the mung bean soup products, the mung bean soup's function of detoxification and detoxification will be vigorously promoted, so that it will surpass the summer heatstroke prevention function and detoxification effect, and will no longer be subject to seasonal restrictions, and thus become The market often sells popular products, then, in the beverage market, mung bean soup products that cover all the functions of herbal tea, will undoubtedly become a strong contender for Chinese herbal tea that has been promoted for many years. Mung bean soup to achieve the drink industry "behind the top" will also be more than "myth."

At present, the only one that has not yet been determined is who will lead the overall situation in the mung bean soup industry. The next “Wang Lao Ji” style leader in the mung bean soup industry is only a matter of time.

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