Warm shed pigs must pay attention

Warm winter temperatures are low, sunshine is short, temperature difference between inside and outside the shed is large, plastic film is easy to dew, and insulation is not lasting. The quilt or straw curtain can be hung in the entrance of the shed to prevent the thieves from invading; pay attention to check whether the plastic film has any loopholes, make up for the defective part, usually pay attention to protect the plastic film; add a layer of cover on the plastic film on the roof at night. Grasshoppers, to enhance insulation properties, conditions can be covered with double plastic film, in order to enhance the insulation effect; to make pigs into the habit of fixed-point excrement and urine, to prevent freezing pig urine fossa; .

In the sealed greenhouse, the moisture is difficult to evaporate and the humidity is high, affecting the temperature. Ventilation can be carried out daily according to the weather conditions. Generally, the sunroof and ventilation holes are opened when the temperature is high from 10am to 2pm, and ventilation is required for 0.5 to 1 hour each time. Conditional air conditioners and blowers can be installed to adjust the humidity; ground-change bedding, but also in the piggery pad furnace ash, dry soil moisture absorption; timely use a strong absorbent cloth to wipe the water droplets on the film; cement floor should have a certain Slope, can make excrement smoothly flow to the urine pit, and remove in time.

Excluding harmful gases The greenhouse gas, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide, etc., contain high levels of harmful gases and can easily cause pig disease. Open sunroofs and ventilation holes on time every day to release harmful gases and replace fresh air. Pig manure is the most important source of harmful gases and must be promptly removed to keep the floor clean and dry. Strengthen the management of tableware, food troughs and spices. Grooves and sinks should be washed regularly with boiling water. Do not leave the material for each meal, to prevent the remaining material septic and produce harmful gases. The utensils and tools are strictly separated and regularly sterilized to eliminate the rancid odor of metabolites.

Bread is the most common and traditional food around the world. It has close links with Baking Enzymes. Enzymes has been used to improve the properties of the dough and of the final baked products. So it is considered that enzymes can be a cost effective solution to many of the problems encountered during production. Nowadays, baking enzymes are playing a vital role in bread-making industry. Sunson is dedicate to researching and developing high quality and new efficiency product unceasingly in the worldwide grain food enzyme domain. We serve for the grain food processing industry, and make great efforts to promote all kinds of flour products quality.

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