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The change in the water quality of feedstuffs for broilers is accompanied by a rise in the price of feeds, which has led to a higher and higher cost of farming. The cost of feed generally accounts for about 70%. As the price of pork is low, pig farming costs are squeezed out of feed ingredients. Fermented vegetables and cottonseed meal were used instead of soybean meal, and fermented drip feed was used instead of some protein feed. The water fermentation starter is rich in lactic acid bacteria, spores, yeasts, molds and other beneficial microorganisms, which can quickly detoxify and decompose the water, not only to improve feed nutrient components, but also to improve the palatability and odor of the feed. Pigs do not like to eat like to eat, eat less to eat more, the conversion rate is low conversion rate. Not only that, because pigskin was originally fed with muddy water, the pigskin was thick and long, and the growth was very poor. Now that the fermented barley feed has added a variety of nutrients and balanced nutrition, it will grow well and the meat will be delicious.

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