What's best for spring in warm spring?

The most suitable supplement: jujube honey most liver

Spring is the most full of liver and anger, so we must choose more foods to protect the liver and spleen. We should add jujube, honey, yams, lotus seeds, and wolfberry fruit. We can make some porridge every day to eat, not only Helping the liver protect the spleen and stomach, it can also help nourish and increase blood.

The most suitable fruit: strawberry

At this time, the strawberry just happened to be listed in large numbers. In addition, strawberries contain higher vitamin C. The iron content is also the highest among fruits, and the combination of vitamin C and iron is just the best combination of the best skin and skin. Eating a few succulent and delicious strawberries in the morning and afternoon each day can make a sensation and drive out the spring storm.

The most suitable green vegetables: Chinese cabbage, oil and wheat dishes

In the choice of vegetables, dark green vegetables are preferred, leafy vegetables are preferred, their nutritional value is high, and their calories are extremely low. At the same time, choosing some slightly bitter vegetables can help the campfire detoxification, such as some common: cabbage, oiled wheat vegetables, rape, garland chrysanthemum, buckwheat and so on.

The most suitable beverage: black tea

Many people like to drink tea. In early spring, the weather is still very cold, so it is recommended that you still choose black tea or oolong tea. You can gradually change to green tea later in the spring.

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