Why can the utilization rate of sweet potato after fermentation be greatly enhanced?

There are many reasons for the great changes in nutrient composition and economic value of sweet potatoes after fermentation. The mechanism is also very complicated. In the middle with the first large number of biochemical reactions, it may be convenient to simplify and simplify the analysis, and analyze it from the following aspects.
First of all, from the aspect of reducing the cost of feeding. The sweet potato fermented by the feed starter is transformed into a bacterial protein feed. Using this fermented material to prepare a full-priced feed can reduce the amount of protein feed used by about 50%, and can eliminate the use of soybean meal, thereby greatly reducing the total feeding cost. That is to make money. Second, from the aspect of improving feed palatability. After the fermentation, the sweet potatoes and other agricultural products are golden yellow, smooth in touch, smell fresh, and taste very good. They are suitable for feeding. Animals like to eat and eat more. Sweet potatoes do not need to be cooked and fed, which can greatly save fuel and labor costs. Third, detoxification from feed detoxification aspects. Non-fermented sweet potatoes are prone to cause pig poisoning, and rely on their own life activities and their metabolites of the “functional” microorganisms contained in the feed starter to cause the toxic and harmful substances contained in the sweet potato to be degraded and removed. Increased feed safety. Fourth, from the aspect of improving animal disease resistance. The functional microorganisms contained in the feed starter are directly involved in the barrier action of the animal's intestine, supplement the population and quantity of beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal tract of the animal, form a “dominant beneficial bacteria group”, prevent the colonization and growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, and restore and maintain The micro-ecological balance in the animal's intestines improves the animal's immunity and disease-resistance, making the animals less ill and saving the farmers from worry and money. Fifth, from the aspect of improving feed utilization. The powerful microbial flora can destroy the tough cell walls of plants such as sweet potatoes, and convert the “macromolecule” substances such as cellulose and pectin that are difficult to degrade into “small molecules” such as monosaccharides and oligosaccharides, and generate many Organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and many other unknown growth factors greatly increase the nutritional level and digestive efficiency of sweet potatoes. At the same time, this product also contains trace elements and enzymes needed for animal growth. Animals “eat without food” and “food does not grow long” has been completely changed. Finally, from the aspect of save time. The fermented sweet potato feed can be directly sealed and stored for more than six months, or it can be stored after drying for more than one year or longer; and it can be used directly, and it can be directly fed without being cooked after being cooked every day. This article makes its economic value greatly increased, because the extension of the preservation period can avoid the peak of the listing, to avoid the "sweet potato injury farmers", indirectly, to make its economic value greatly increased.

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