Wild old series dry direct paddy field sealing treatment agent

Dry direct seeding of rice from the sowing to the seedlings at the heart of the three leaves 1 to establish the water layer, during which the alternate wet and dry environment in the past one month is conducive to the weeds sprouting, rational application of pesticides in addition to ensure the success of dry direct rice key.

The general principle of weeding in direct sowing of rice fields is “one kill and three fills”. The "one letter" refers to the closed treatment of the soil before seeding after sowing, and the herbicide should be used in order to reduce the pressure of weeding. For dry direct broadcast rice fields, the rational use of a series of enclosed herbicides in the wild can provide better control effects. Specific application techniques: After sowing rice, rotating tillage, and filling with water, apply the pesticide when the water layer is naturally dry and the field surface is moist and no water is accumulated. Use 42% of the old rice per acre. Fo grass. Butachlor EC 150-180 Milliliter, add 30-60 kilograms of water spray, broadleaf grass or sedge more fields can add 10% bensulfuron-methyl wettable powder 20-30 g mixed spray per mu. Attention must be given before the germination of rice seeds. The soil should be leveled and finely ground. When the soil is dry, high doses should be used to prevent leakage and heavy spraying. After the treatment, the field is kept moist but there is no accumulation of water. Make up.

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