Zhengyang Building Dry sausage

Curing is a traditional method of producing meat products and keeping meat in China. Curing products have special flavor, aroma and color, and are resistant to storage. Curing process does not require a lot of processing equipment. Zhengyang Lou dried sausage is savory, dry, not hard, long-lasting, not greasy, cut, lean red-brown, fat white, beautiful color, easy to store and carry, is a kind of special salted drink at home and abroad Products.

1. Choice of materials and finishing: Select second or more thawing meat: X% lean meat, fat X%. Each pig is 60 cm in diameter and 1,5 cm in diameter. The selected material will be boned, the fascia will be repaired, and the lean meat will be separated (the fat part should not be taken with soft meat). Each is cut into small pieces of X cm 2 , and it is best to cut meat by hand.

2. Ingredients: X kg of raw meat requires high quality colorless soy sauce X kg. Amomum powder X kg, aster powder, pepper powder X kg: Fresh Ginger X kg, whole noodle X kg.

3. Stuffing and filling: Mix the ingredients and pour in colorless soy sauce. Then mix the fat lean diced and stir it until sticky. Wash the casing and drain the water, pour the meat into the casing, knead it by hand to make it uniform, and remove the intestinal air with acupuncture holes.

4. Air-dried fermentation: Spring, summer and autumn season until dry. After baking in the winter with a wall of fire for 2 hours, it is baked once more inside and out and baked for 2 hours. It is also until Pegan. Then hang in a cool, ventilated place. After 3 to 4 days of air drying, remove the bundle and make 12 bundles. Place the bundled sausages in a cool, cool, and cool warehouse, and take them out after about 10 days of fermentation. The total number of processes above shall not exceed one month in total. If the time is too long, it may cause deterioration.

5. Cooking: After the water is boiled, put the fermented sausage in a pot and cook for 15 minutes. Remove the finished product. The finished product is hung in a ventilated and dry place and can be stored for 10 to 15 days.

  Peeled Garlic is favored in the catering industry for many reasons. The most important thing is that Peeled Garlic can greatly save the preparation time of ingredients. There is no need to remove the shell of the garlic with the skin, which saves time and ensures a clean food processing environment.


  Vacuum packaging garlic peeled

  Peeled Garlic / Fresh Peeled Garlic 
  Place of Origin :Jinxiang county, Shandong province, China
  Variety Peeled garlic 
  Infuse nitrogen gas: 5lbs x 4jar/ctn, 5lbs x 6bag/ctn, 1kg x 10/ctn, 500g x 20/ctn, 1LBS X 20JARS/CTN
  Vacuumize: 1kg x 10/ctn, 500g x 20/ctn
  Supply period All the year round
  Storage Condition :Temperature -1.5°C
  Shelf life :3-4 months
  Supply period :All the year round
  Certification : ISO GAP BRC HACCP
  Delivery Detail :Load within 10 days after confirm the order
  Capacity : 10 tons for 20'rh
                   25 tons for 40'rh

Peeled Garlic

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